Flash is mum’s little helper

A cheeky elf, a special fairy? Find out what a group of school children imagined their mother’s little helper might be.

Get tasks done around the home and spend time with your family while you do it – you’d be amazed how even little kids love to keep busy!

There’s a new little helper in your life…

New Flash Liquid-Gel – with two and half times the power to deal with dirt, grease and stains than dilute Flash Lemon. The new concentrated gel formula can be used neat or diluted, so one compact bottle lets you mop the floor and make the bathroom and countertops sparkle with one quick squeeze.

Keep your other little helpers busy, too
Next time your kids wail, ‘I’m bored!’ but you’ve got things to do, why not come up with a mission? It can be a brilliant way of getting little things done that you never have time for.

Glove hunt
Get the kids to seek out any stray gloves around your home and bring them all back to the kitchen table. They get a treasure-seeker’s reward if they find the most gloves, and a special bonus if they can reunite pairs of gloves! It works well with lost brollies, too.

‘Which wash?’ game  
Get your laundry sorted by challenging your kids to get everything into the right piles – whites, sports kit, delicates, etc. They have to fetch each item individually from the laundry basket and put it in the right pile. Why not make it a race, and see if they can improve on their sorting speed next time?

Mummy’s personal PA
Get the kids to tidy up the mess of paper scraps on your fridge door by giving them a list of things you need to remember and asking them to create fun new reminders – maybe decorating shopping lists with pictures of fruit and veg, cutting out birthday present-shaped notes for birthdays you mustn’t forget, and so on. The more inventive the better.


Flash is mum’s little helper