Flash makes mums superfast

See what these school children imagined their mums might look like if they had the special power of speed.

Five time-saving ideas to get everyday chores done twice as quickly, so you’ve got twice the time to spend with your family.

You don’t have to train to be an Olympic athletic to get your cleaning done in half the time – give yourself the power of speed by choosing new Flash Liquid-Gel.

  • Its perfectly balanced formula is two and half times more powerful than dilute Flash Lemon.
  • Its gel format can be used neat or diluted, so you only have to reach for one small bottle to get all those jobs done – from floors and bathrooms to kitchen tops.

Five more speedy tips
Try these ways to save time when you’re getting those essential tasks done:

When you’re collecting up towels to put in the wash, use the dirty ones to do a quick swoop around the bath and sink, cleaning as you go. Do the same with sheets and dusty corners of your bedroom or those niggly little gaps on the stairs. En route to the washing machine, you’ve just created a shiny trail behind you!

Tidy up by stealth
Leave a basket in the corner of the hall or lounge and every time you see something that really should be taken to the charity shop, drop it in. It’s much easier than finding time for a major clear out and it gets the job done.

Wardrobe sort out
Get the kids on board and turn a bedroom clear out into a fun play session. They can help sort old clothes into piles to keep, store or recycle, and they might find a few fun pieces for their fancy dress box along the way.

Cleaning workout
No time to go to the gym? Put some uplifting music on and dance around the home as you do the vacuum cleaning and dusting. If you’re not puffing, sweep a little harder!

DIY teatime
Get the kids involved in preparing meals. Anything that needs a sharper knife or a hot cooker can be sorted by you, but putting the children in charge is a great way to keep them entertained and often encourages them to try new foods. For inspiration, check out Dinners the kids can cook


Flash makes mums superfast