Five steps to a quick pre-Christmas clean-up


You don’t need to clean the whole house from top to toe for the festive season. Instead, take these steps and your home will look refreshed in no time at all.

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At this busy time of year, a big clean-up is probably at the bottom of your list. And that’s fine – leave any major clean-ups until spring. It’s only going to get into a state again with all the Christmas craziness.

But if you tackle these five key tasks, your home will be ready for entertaining guests and relaxing with family, with just the odd top-up clean needed every now and then.

If your home needs more than just a freshen up, another tip is to only focus on the spaces that will get the most use over the holidays, and clean those more thoroughly.
Otherwise, here are five tips that will have your home looking clean and clutter-free.

Banish papers

Random piles of mail, magazines and papers often accumulate on tables and surfaces throughout the home. Sift through each pile and throw whatever you can into the recycle box. Anything else, pop into a shoe box and mark it with a note on the side, then stow it away in a cupboard out of sight.

For more ideas on making your home clutter-free, check out our article on Seven smart storage solutions.

Tidy shelves

Similarly, a cluttered mantelpiece, windowsill or bookshelf can make the whole room look untidy.

Clear everything off the surfaces and dust, then store away the items or re-organise them so they look more stylishly arranged than randomly-put-there-because-you-don’t-know-where-else-to-put-them.

Get the kids involved

Set the kids on a mission to send clothes back to bedrooms, shoes back to their rightful place in the hall or under the stairs, and toys and games back to their home under beds or in cupboards.

First impressions count

Get your husband to give the windows a wash and sweep around the front garden and patios to clear away fallen leaves. This will create a refreshing effect that’ll give you a lift every time you get home.

Also, one of the first things you – and guests – notice is the way the house smells, so spray your home with Febreze Air Effects to neutralise bad odours and fill the air with a gentle fragrance.

Do one big laundry day

Collect together all the towels draped around the bathroom and scoop up all the bedding, and have a big washing session. It feels like a major effort but getting it all done in one go will be a satisfying tick off your to-do list, and the aroma of fresh bedding and bathroom essentials gives your whole home a clean lift, especially if you use a cap of Lenor, which will infuse your laundry with a long-lasting fragrance.

Now put your feet up and let Santa do the rest…

What do you do to make your home feel fresh in moments?