Happier housekeeping and a more organised kitchen

Cooking a big meal, or just trying to get dinner on the table fast? Avoid the blunders and problems that slow you down. Follow these tips to make housekeeping easier!

The most important thing to remember when cooking in the kitchen is efficiency; it will make the most of your time, prevent mishaps and help with the cleaning too! The Homesavvy experts have pulled together some easy to implement steps and tips to make house cleaning more efficient and kitchen faux pas a thing of the past.

1. Organised Housekeeping: You’ve just misplaced your utensil and can’t find it anywhere or your spare one either. Searching for utensils and pans can really slow down your cooking.  Cleaning out your pantry and de-cluttering your cabinets will lessen the likelihood of time-consuming hunts

2. Sharpen your knife skills:  Knowing some quick cutting techniques can speed up your work as well as help to ensure there are no accidents. If you aren’t comfortable teaching yourself, look for local courses to boost your confidence.

3. Create a meal planner and organise dinner in advance: Get dinner on the table quicker, and don’t worry about accidentally forgetting an ingredient by simply planning ahead. Try to organise a week’s worth of menus to save multiple trips to the supermarket.

TIP: Freeze homemade sauces in Tupperware box trays so they are ready to be heated on busy nights.

4. Load the dishwasher properly: The dishwasher is one of the most useful kitchen appliances, but only if  it’s loaded properly.  Make the most of every load and lower the risk of breakages and rewashing.
- Large plates staggered and stacked in a straight line
- Place bowls in slanted positions for optimised cleaning
- Place cutting boards and large trays around the perimeter
- Use Fairy All in One dishwasher tablets to get brilliantly clean dishes in 30 minutes.

5. Kitchen safety: Keep your family in the loop so they don’t get themselves hurt whilst you’re in the kitchen and you have your back turned. Letting young ones know what you are doing and why keeps them from helping without asking and educates them too.

6. Get the right  kitchen appliances: The proper kitchenware really does matter, make sure you are using the right pan or utensil for what your task is. This will speed up your cooking time and help to reduce the risk overheating and burning dinner.