Home smells of dog? Top tips to keep things fresh

How to keep your home smelling great and not of Eau de Pooch

However much we love our furry friends we probably don’t want our home to smell of them! No need to banish Fido to the doghouse though. These simple tips will help you to keep your home smelling sweet.

Prevention is better than cure

Stop pooch pong in its tracks by making sure your dog is clean and well-groomed. A dog whose coat becomes clogged with dirt, for example, is bound to be a bit whiffy. Don’t forget to think about his dental care too. This will keep his breath smelling sweet (as well as keeping his teeth in tip-top condition).

Beds, bowls and toys

Okay, so you’ve got a nice, clean dog, but what about his bedding, toys and food bowls? Wash bedding and toys regularly and clean food and water bowls just as you would the rest of the family’s dishes.

Keeping your home clean

It can be tough keeping your home clean and tidy at the best of times, and being a pet owner can make this even more of a challenge (muddy paw prints, your dog’s penchant for eating from your compost bin, pet hair EVERYWHERE…) Stay on top of things by vacuuming and cleaning surfaces regularly. Flash Multi-Purpose Gel can be used all around the house so saves you having to bother with lots of different cleaning products.

When your pet has an accident

Accidents happen, especially if your dog is very young or very old. If your dog soils a hard floor, it’s time to reach for the Flash Multi-purpose Gel again. If the accident happens on your carpet, just sprinkle on some baking soda and then vacuum once dry.

How Febreze can help

Sometimes, despite all your best intentions and your dog being on their best behaviour, whiffs can linger like, well, a bad smell. If your dog spends any time on your sofa or other soft furnishings, then a good spray of Febreze Fabric Refresherr will work wonders. To give your home a continuous burst of fragrance, try Ambi Pur Plug In air fresheners.

What are your tips for stopping your home smelling of dog? Let us know in the comments section below.