How Febreze works to combat noseblindness

Most of us get so acclimatised to the odours that surround us every day, we stop noticing them altogether. This is called noseblindness.
The trouble is our family and friends can still smell the odours that we’ve become ‘blind’ to (so that’s why they haven’t been round in a while!).
The good news is you can easily make sure you home smells fresh as the proverbial daisy.

Febreze – your secret weapon

Don’t let your noseblindness kill your social life. Febreze eliminates odours and leaves a light, refreshing scent.

Febreze’s Malodor Elimination (MOE) Technology

Febreze’s Malodor Elimination (MOE) Technology traps festering fumes in your home like a magnet, then replaces them with a long-lasting fresh scent to help reset your olfactory system and restore nasal sensitivity.

And because different smells are caused by different chemicals, Febreze uses four patented odour killers to tackle this chemical clutter in the air.

Here’s how they work:

  • Surround and capture. Cyclodexrin, a ring-shaped molecule, interacts with particular types of odours such as garbage, pet odours and greasy meats, by wrapping and encasing them
  • Trap and perfume. Lupasol is a dual-action polymer that first binds to odour compounds before emitting a light, time-release perfume to quickly eliminate odours while providing a long-lasting pleasant scent. It complements Cyclodextrin to target greasy, fatty, fried meat smells, as well as moulds, dirty laundry smells and other intense odours.
  • Neutralise. Neutral smells are also chemically neutral – neither acidic like vinegar or alkalic like ammonia. pH neutralisers are buffers that bring the odours closer to the middle, neutral zone to reduce the strength or intensity of the smells.
  • Devour and defuse. Reactive aldehydes are special smell neutralisers that actually digest odours. This changes the shape of the molecule so it no longer works as a smell when it hits our nose.

That’s why you can be sure that Febreze truly eliminates odours instead of merely masking them, as opposed to some air fresheners and scented candles.

With Febreze, you can be sure that your home is always scent-tastic and guest-ready, no matter how noseblind you are.