4 ways that music can help you clean

There’s nothing like listening to your favourite tunes while you whizz through your chore list – as Mrs Hinch knows! Here’s how music can boost your positivity and productivity…

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Mrs Hinch loves a cleaning playlist. In fact, she often jazzes up her Insta stories with a great tune. With all the extra cleaning needed at the moment while everyone is at home, soundtracking it with your favourite songs should help to stop it feeling like an overwhelming and never-ending task.

So next time you need to clean, why not pop on some music and crank the volume up? Here are just four reasons why it could make all the difference…

1. It makes chores more fun

It’s a rare person who looks forward to cleaning, but music could actually make it a part of your routine you enjoy rather than dread. Obviously, you need to choose the right kind of music. There’s no point in tuning into “Sad FM” before you pop your Marigolds on.

Instead, look for upbeat songs that you can’t help but dance around or sing along to. For inspiration, check out the ready-made cleaning playlists on your chosen music provider – with a number even dedicated to Mrs Hinch herself – or create a playlist of your own favourite tunes.

If you don’t have young children around that you need to listen out for, try listening to the music through your earphones. This means it will come with you to every room of the house, and you will still be able to hear it over the sound of vacuuming!

2. It helps you burn more calories

Housework is already a good calorie burner, averaging up to 200 calories per hour. But if you combine it with dancing and high-energy cleaning, you could easily double that. Plus, this means you can totally justify rewarding yourself with a cup of tea and a biscuit afterwards!

3. Music is scientifically proven to make you feel happier

When you listen to upbeat music, your brain releases the pleasure chemical dopamine*. As well as making you feel happier, this chemical improves your motivation, meaning you’ll want to carry on cleaning rather than giving up when you’re midway through scrubbing the tub.

4. It helps you get it done quickly

When cleaning, it can be easy to become distracted by, well, anything else. Something on the TV, your suddenly rumbling belly, your neighbour’s cat in the garden… Listening to music can help focus your mind to the task at hand and motivate you to stick to it.

Another good idea is to set a timer, so you have a deadline to aim for to keep you on track, whether that’s 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour. You could also match your playlist to end around the same time as your cleaning routine should.