How to clean limescale from shower heads

Shower heads are hot spots for limescale. With all that water rushing out of tiny holes, limescale is bound to build up! Luckily, we’ve got just the trick to get your shower heads looking as good as new.

Don’t forget the shower head!

When you’re cleaning your bathroom, be honest, do you clean your shower head? Thought not. Shower heads so often get over-looked; not only are they high up, but you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re clean because their only job is to clean you!

But, if you’ve got limescale in other areas of your bathroom, it’s no surprise that the shower head is going to be blocked with limescale, too – after all, it’s where all the water comes out of! Take a look at your shower head and you’ll probably see that it’s covered in limescale; the small holes might even be completely blocked, depending on how hard the water in your area is.

The dirty work

So, how do you get rid of all that dirt? Easy peasy. Use Viakal Limescale Remover Spray directly on the shower head and, if it’s a particularly stubborn stain, leave it for up to five minutes. After that, arm yourself with sponge and scrub it gently. You’ll see that the limescale will dissolve and your shower head should no longer be blocked! Using Viakal regularly will mean that you can keep on top of limescale build-up and prevent it from becoming an issue again.

You might also find that limescale has become a bit of an issue on your taps, too. Luckily, Viakal works just as well on taps meaning they can sparkle as much as your shower head! Use Viakal in the same way on your taps – simply spray and wipe that limescale away.

Slay that persistent soap scum

While we’re in the shower, let’s have a quick scan for soap scum. You might find some around the edges of the bath, the taps or the shower. There’s a great trick to getting rid of soap scum. Yes, you guessed it! Viakal will get rid of those marks, too.

Once you’ve had a shower in your newly cleaned bathroom under your limescale-free shower head, you’ll feel cleaner than ever before!