How to get rid of stubborn stains in your coffee mug

Having a hot cup of tea or coffee is one of life’s little everyday pleasures and drinking it out of a favourite mug only makes it better. If yours is starting to look a little stained, then follow these top tips on how to make it brew-worthy once more…

Many of us need that morning caffeine boost to stop us falling asleep on the bus and ending up an hour away from work with a newspaper stuck to our face – but there’s nothing guaranteed to put us off a morning brew more than a grubby mug.

Rather than throwing your favourite ‘Best Dad in the World’ mug out, there are some simple tips you can put into action to save your crockery and get rid of stubborn marks…

Keeping your favourite mug clean is simple
It’s important to remember that the marks inside your mug aren’t necessarily a sign that your cups are unclean.

In fact, there are several reasons behind this staining, including hard water in the dishwasher and allowing tea and coffee to stand in the mug for an extended period of time. After all, most people will have sat down on a Sunday afternoon with a piping hot cuppa, only to awake from an unplanned nap to find a scaly, ice-cold cup.

In this case, the best way to get rid of the tea/coffee stains is prevention. If you rinse the cup as soon as you’re done drinking your hot tea or coffee, you’ll be doing yourself a big favour.

But if you do get those particularly stubborn coffee and tea stains use Fairy Platinum liquid. Simply pour a little onto a sponge scourer and rub at the offending stains while running under warm water. The stains should soon begin to fade. Rinse your mug when you’re done and voila, your mug should be restored to full health.

Make sure you use Fairy Platinum as part of your daily dish care routine to help avoid those marks building up.

And there we have it – an easy way to make your morning coffee a pleasure rather than just a necessity.