How to make that big barbecue clean-up easy peasy

Everyone loves a barbecue in the sunshine - no one likes scrubbing burnt food off the grill. But with a bit of know-how, you can make the clean-up a breeze

The spring showers are slowly drying up and the sun is peeking its head out from behind the clouds: British summertime is almost here. It's time to bring out the Pimm's, fire up the grills and get the family outside to enjoy a little bit of sunshine.

But while grilling for the family is a fun summertime activity, it can quickly become messy - especially when you have to dodge excited kids and pets while trying not to burn the sausages and burgers.

But the cooking part is easy compared to the clean-up afterwards, when you not only have to worry about little ones and their sticky fingers but also the grease, starch and stuck-on food from the grill. Some burgers always end up more flame-grilled than others!

But you can keep your cool when it comes to the clean-up, because Fairy Platinum has used the magic of science to help make doing the dishes a breeze.

The science of easy cleaning

Here's a fun fact to share with the kids: when you're barbecuing, you're actually taking part in your very own science experiment! It's the truth, and it's the reason our favourite foods like juicy cheeseburgers, sausages and baked potatoes get stuck to the grill.

To understand it fully, it helps to look at what makes up our favourite dishes. Food is made up of grease, protein, sugar (such as abundant starch) and water. When flames from the grill heat up the food, it removes water and causes a chemical reaction between the different food components, which is what causes the food to stick to the grill. Who knew your school days in the chemistry lab weren't behind you?

But this scientific fact doesn't mean you have to go to battle with your greasy grill, or leave it for hours to soak. Instead, you can opt for a quick and speedy clean with Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Tablets.

When you pre-rinse your dishes you're rehydrating the stuck on food, making it easier to remove, but it isn't always effective because water can't penetrate the stuck-on food. When you put the dishes in the dishwasher with Fairy Platinum the dishwasher provides the hydration and Fairy complements this by accelerating the hydration process and lifting soils from the surface of the dishes.

Thanks to a special blend of actives, Fairy breaks down and removes tough-to-clean food first time, while helping to keep dishes like new.

So with all the barbecue things getting clean in the dishwasher, you've got more time to pour yourself a well-deserved drink and watch on as the kids play and the sun sets.

What are your favourite barbecue tips? Let us know in the comments.