5 Tips to get rid of the fishy smell after cooking

Fish is delicious – but its pungent smell lingers long after you’ve enjoyed the last mouthful. Here are five tips to prevent and get rid of fish smell once and for good!  You will never wonder how to get of fish smell after cooking again!

Who doesn’t love a delicious piece of salmon, tuna or lemon sole for dinner? When cooked well, fish is one of our finest foods, and perfect for a dinner party.

This said, it is also one of the most pungent. You want your guests asking for second helpings, not reaching for the smelling salts and making their excuses to leave before dessert.

How to get rid of fish smell in house?

So to avoid the smell of fish being an unwelcome guest at the dinner table, follow these easy steps, to ensure you know how to eliminate fish odor in the house.

1. Contain the smell

Before cooking, go around the house and close all the doors – this will help confine the fish smell to the kitchen. Then be sure to ventilate while you cook – use the extractor fan above your oven and throw a window or back door open.

2. Light candles

Candles are a lovely addition to a special dinner, and they can be practical, too. As well as emitting a pleasant glow, Febreze candles also help eliminate bad odours and fill the air with a gentle fragrance, such as sandalwood or cotton.

If you have youngsters around, try an Ambi-Pur 3volution Plug-in Diffuser instead. This continuous air freshener switches fragrance every 45 minutes, so you will notice the new scent, rather than the fish smell!

3. Clean as you go

The best way for how to get rid of fish smell in kitchen is to rinse out any fishy packaging and put it in an outside bin straight away. Wash up dirty plates, pots and pans as soon as you can, and bag up any fish waste and throw it away as soon as possible, again taking it straight to the outside bin.

4. Boost the room

If you’re still getting a whiff of fish come dessert time, spray the air with Febreze Air Effects. Unlike most air fresheners, it won’t just mask the smell with an overpowering perfume, putting you off your food altogether. Instead it will help eliminate the bad odour and leave a gentle fragrance behind.

5. Freshen your fabrics

Your dinner’s eaten, the washing up’s done, and you collapse onto the sofa, only to find “eau du haddock” has managed to permeate your cushions, too.

Fabrics have a habit of trapping bad odours, so grab a Febreze Fabric Refresher and spray your sofa, cushions and curtains until damp, and you can say farewell to those fishy smells once and for all.  
So now you know how to get rid of fish smell after cooking!

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