In the doghouse with your friends?

If you’re constantly on the receiving end of feeble excuses when you invite your friends over, have you considered that your home might smell a little eau de dog?
We all love our pets, but no one wants a home that smells a bit like a kennel, and whilst, we might get so used to the whiff we barely notice it - a common thing called noseblindness – our guests’ noses might not be quite so unaware!

Is your best friend driving others away?

Dear old Fido may be your most loyal four-legged companion and you love him so, but he could be the cause of your deteriorating social life. Those wonderful walks in the rain, coupled with Fido’s permanent position on his favourite chair, can create a smelly stew of doggy odours that permeate every nook and cranny of your home. It’s not just poor Fido’s fault however; your cat litter box is to blame too. But why can’t you smell anything?

You may have noseblindness

Did you know that most of us become accustomed to the smells around us and thus ‘blind’ to them? It’s called noseblindness and it’s thought to affect up to 90% of people worldwide.

Noseblindness can have dire effects on your social life, as friends and family can still smell the odours that you’re noseblind to.

The solution is Febreze

Don’t let your noseblindness kill your social life. Febreze eliminates odours with its Malodor Eliminating (MOE) Technology, leaving your guests with a light, refreshing scent and no trace of the offending odours. So even though you can’t sniff to check, you can be sure that your home is free from the doggy odours. Try using Febreze fabric refresher to tackle pet odours in carpets, couches and curtains, or give your home a scent makeover with the Febreze diffuser set.