Limescale: A plumber’s insider guide

Discover the damage limescale does around your home and how to beat it with advice from our plumbing expert

Limescale is that unsightly crusty stuff that builds up around your home making showers, taps, sinks and more lose their lovely shine. Oliver Osmore, a plumber for more than 15 years who now heads up Maintracts Services, talks to about limescale hot spots, the damage it can do and how to deal with it.

In the bathroom

‘Your toilet bowl will get a build-up of limescale,’ says Oliver. ‘The rim around the bowl where the water runs from can become blocked and cause the flush to become weak.’ The shower is a breeding ground for limescale too. ‘Shower heads can become scaled up and blocked, resulting in a poor flow of water and a poor quality shower,’ says Oliver. Limescale can build up on taps and shower valves and tiles too.

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In the kitchen

‘Kitchen sinks, especially stainless steel ones, are really affected by limescale, leaving your sinks looking horrible and dull,’ says Oliver.

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The solution

Viakal effectively removes limescale and the dulling effects of watermarks, while using a clever water-sheeting effect that prevents further build-up and gives 3 x longer lasting protection than ordinary bathroom cleaner*.

*tested on vertical ceramic tiles