Little Tips to Help You at Home & in the Garden

From children dusting with socks on their hands to tasks and rewards on sticky notes and using CD towers as shoe storage... Here are some of our top Home & Garden hacks.

At Supersavvyme we’re always looking for the little tips, shortcuts and inspirations you use every day to make life easier and save us a bit of time – after all getting back even five minutes during the day is a bonus!

Recently one of our favourite bloggers –Jen Stanbrook from Love Chic Living gave us a couple of her top tips and the amazing BritMums community have shared some of their life hacks.

We picked some of our favourites to share with you.

Tips from Jen Stanbrook from Love Chic Living

Use stick on hooks on the inside door of a wardrobe to organise and hang jewellery. This novel use of the humble plastic hook creates an instant jewellery holder for both short and long necklaces and bracelets, keeping them ordered and easy to access when required, and ensuring a clutter-free bedroom.

Need more display shelving in your kitchen? Run out of space in your cupboards? Use an old CD holder, turn it on its side and hang with interesting wall art to create an instant kitchen vignette ideal for pretty trinkets or useful mug storage. Rummage around in your attic and see what discarded wall storage pieces you can find, then create something bespoke and individual for your own kitchen.

Top tips from BritMums Bloggers

Use a tall cd tower in the hallway to store children's shoes

For an environmentally friendly and free fertiliser for all your garden plants - add a cow pat (poo) to a barrel of rainwater, and use this to water your plants! Bit gross but fantastic results!

When preparing your vegetable garden for planting, bury an open cardboard box up to the rim in your patch - then throughout the season just throw your weeds into it, as you go it rots down and makes your compost right where you need it!

Use an empty small food tin as a measure for granular lawn feed or similar. A small tin of peas = 90g

Pick one area of your home to declutter each week - just one drawer, shelf or box is enough to be manageable but see progress over time

Put socks over your children's hands and get them dusting!

I cut a lemon in half pop in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds and hey presto! super fresh smelling microwave!

Try to organise your clutter - concentrate on 1 area of your home for 15 minutes every day by setting a timer.

Spring cleaning a room? Do it over 2 days, 1st day tidy & put away, 2nd day cleaning's a doddle

I write my tasks on (colourful) sticky notes. On the other side of the note I'll write a reward for completing the task. Once I complete a task, I turn the note and enjoy my treat :-)

We’d love to hear your top tips – share with us in the comments section below or on Twitter @SuperSavvyMeUK