Love your home by keeping it fresh and fragrant!

Whatever the season, a fresh and fragrant home can add that special finishing touch. Love your home this valentine’s day by keeping it fresh and fragrant! Get inspired with our tips below to make sure your home is perfectly scented.

Refreshed Fabrics: Pillows, blankets and sheets can quickly lose their fresh factor – even as you sleep. For pillows, try using pillow protectors and wash your sheets weekly.

Tip: Running short on time? With Febreze Fabric Refreshers, you can eliminate odours and leave behind a fresh scent.

Dog Odours: As we all know, the best floors for a dog are hard-wearing and easy to wash so won’t hold on to odours. Wooden or tiled floors are perfect in the kitchen, hallway and other areas that your dog will used the most. But in the other rooms, pre-treated carpets with stain resistance will always work best. Otherwise ensure you spray your carpets with Febreze weekly to keep odours at bay. On wooden or tiled floors, use Flash with Febreze so your floor will look sparkling clean and smell fresher for longer.

Fresh and Organised Laundry: Your laundry room can be a hub for odours with family and dirty clothes constantly coming in and out. Make sure you have a good organisation system which can really help to keep the space fresh and always use Lenor Infusions.

Tip: To make the most of your laundry day routine, try dividing tasks into three separate organized areas.  To save even more time, use Ariel Stain Remover to help tackle tough, dried on stains.

Candles: Versatile and decorative, Febreze Light & Refresh Candles can be placed in a hallway to greet guests with a beautiful scent and light up a dimly lit space. Why not put a scented candle in your home office too so you can indulge in your favourite scent whilst getting to work.

Tip: To create a striking centre piece, place your scented candle on a dish and simply surround with pebbles, marbles or sand.