Make cleaning the bathroom a pleasure not a chore

No one really looks forward to cleaning their bathroom, but there’s always a way to make it more fun.


Do you dread the moment when you know it’s time to clean the bathroom? You know you’ll be happy once the job is done and your bathroom looks all clean and shiny, but the actual process seems so tedious and dreary... And when you use your limescale removal product, it leaves that horrible smell!

Let’s be honest: cleaning bathroom tiles will never be as fun as a night out with your friends in the latest trendy cocktail bar, but there are ways to make bathroom cleaning a more pleasant experience: here are a couple of simple and easy tips on how to make it happen!

  • Music: What if you saw cleaning bathroom tile grout as a means to get away from the hustle and bustle of your household? It might sound a bit absurd, but… with the right type of music and home scent, you can transform your bathroom cleaning experience into some ‘me-time’ where you take a step back from your everyday life and review all the things you never get the time to think about. So make yourself a music playlist based on your mood of the day and enjoy your time alone!
  • Scent: You’ve finished cleaning your bathroom, it looks all nice and pristine, but now there’s that terrible smell! You’ve tried using all kinds of different limescale removal products (you’ve even experimented with the old vinegar method), but there’s always the same issue: when you’re removing limescale, you’ve got to systemically hold your nose!
    Don’t use your expensive perfume to eliminate the smell (keep it to seduce your husband): try new Viakal with the freshness of Ambi Pur instead! It’ll leave a clean and fresh scent in the bathroom, thus improving your overall bathroom cleaning experience!
  • Long lasting shine: You want to know what the ‘cherry on the top’ of bathroom cleaning is? To know that all the hard work you’ve put into cleaning bathroom tiles and bathroom grout won’t be flushed down the drain once your husband decides to sing in the shower and splash water all over the place. Because with Viakal’s unique polymer pro-shine technology, you’re guaranteed a long lasting shine!

Now that you see things from another perspective, you might actually look forward to bathroom cleaning time, and jot it down in your agenda as a mandatory meeting!