Practice makes perfect

We all know that some kitchen tasks are more challenging than others and you won’t always get everything right first time. As they say ‘practice makes perfect’, right?

We often spend hours trying to perfect a technique like cooking a steak before special occasions to ensure what we serve is ‘just right’ on the big day. It can take numerous failed attempts and lots of finesse to work out exactly how to make a well loved family recipe; and even the kids need to feel comfortable making mistakes and starting all over again when they’re learning to make mum’s ‘secret’ lasagne recipe - just the way you do.

So, it’s nice to know that Fairy Platinum is always ready to give your dishes an unbeatable tough food clean first time. At least that means the clean-up doesn’t have to be as challenging as the cooking can be!

Here’s a few ways you can take advantage of Fairy Platinum to help make testing new cooking challenges less daunting.

If there’s one place you don’t have to practice to get clean first time, it’s the dishwasher. Fairy Platinum effectively tackles the most difficult cleaning challenges for you, giving you unbeatable tough food cleaning first time. All you need to do to for the best results is scrape the dishes of leftover food and stack them properly. Fairy Platinum tackles even baked on / burnt on food stains with no need to pre-wash. It also helps keep your dishwasher parts sparkling clean, right down to the filter. Give it a try to experience the difference!

Stubborn stains on dishes
Lasagne, beef wellington, soufflé and macaroons are considered some of the hardest dishes to make, but it’s the clean-up that everyone seems to hate most! Oily roasting trays, cheesy serving bowls, even little ramekins are not easy to get perfectly clean again, but they’re all the same to Fairy Platinum. Whether you’re using Fairy Platinum washing up liquid or liquid top tablets, baked on grease and dirt will wash away and you’ll get the brilliant cleaning results you expect. Go on, give it a try!