Clean and simple: organise your living-room storage

Three quick and easy tips to stop your kids’ toys taking over your living room

When the kids go to bed, it’s lovely to relax and enjoy some grown-up time, but that’s easier said than done when whole room feels a bit like a nursery – especially after Christmas or birthdays!

The good news is it’s easy to add some storage that’ll swallow up every last teddy and train.

A box chest

Not only are box chests great for storing things you don’t need every day, but they can also provide extra seating (with colourful cushions or a throw on top).

You can find box chests to suit all tastes – from antique or imported styles, to modern plain wood boxes that can be painted to complement your décor.

Savvy tip

Rotate your child’s toys by putting some in the box chest (so out of sight) for a few months. When they come out of hiding, they’ll seem new and exciting. (This only works with very young kids!)

Cupboards not shelves

Shelves look great in the interiors magazines, don’t they? But when they’re groaning with clutter instead of dotted with a few artfully places ‘objects’, the effect isn’t quite the same!

Do yourself a favour by investing in a cupboard instead. That way everything can be hidden away.

Savvy tip

A made-to-measure cupboard will really maximise the space. To make it blend in neatly with smaller living spaces, paint it either the same colour as the walls, or a slightly lighter shade of the same colour.


Keep a funky-looking canvas tub in the corner of your lounge for any toys that need scooping up at the end of the day. This is an easy way to control the mess when you’re in a hurry, and the task can be delegated to the kids.

More storage ideas

If these tips have put you in the mood for a declutter, why not check out more smart storage solutions? And keep things gleaming by checking out some of our best cleaning advice in our Cleaning Wizard section.