Scent of the day

Would you believe that smells can be mood altering? If not, read on!

There are so many scents we encounter throughout our day to day lives, both those we relish and others we loathe. Scents have a different effect on each of us, but which odours really make or break our mood for the day?

From the moment we wake up smells are all around us and Ambipur’s research* has revealed that a quarter of Brits say their partner’s morning breath can actually make them feel grumpy in the morning – that’s a sure fire way to get the day off to a bad start!

And for those of us who face a morning commute there are plenty more scents in store during the morning. Let’s face it, on a crowded train personal space goes out the window and sometimes you get closer to your fellow commuters than you might like. So it’s not a huge surprise that 40% of us say the smell of sweaty armpits on a packed train is enough to us feel pretty queasy, followed by stale cigarette smoke (19%) and bad breath (18%).

If you want to keep on the right side of your colleagues then you might want to consider you choice of sandwich filling when lunch comes around. Egg mayonnaise sandwiches may be tasty but they came out on top as your least favourite lingering post-lunch scent, followed by fried food (25%) and cheese & onion flavor crisps (19%).

So just which scents do help put us in a great mood for a busy day ahead? Well, the most popular choice would be the scent of freshly ground coffee on their journey to work each day, with a waft of freshly cut grass coming in a close second.

And if you want to put the family in a great mood when they walk through the front door then it could be time for some home baking, as a massive 50% confessed the scent of a baking cake lifts their mood during the day. After all, who could possibly be in a bad mood if there is the possibility of cake to taste?

To create a happy environment in your home use Ambi Pur with Febreze plug-ins near the front door so guests are welcomed with the revitalizing scent of air freshener to put them in a positive mood. Try Thai Orchid for a sweet floral fragrance or perhaps Himalayan Heights to help create a clean, fresh home.

"Ambi –Pur plug in eliminated odours excellently, everybody who visited our house last week commented on how nice our living room smelt.You noticed the freshness every time you walked into the living room and even the dining room next door! The smell has lasted ages, we have only turned the plug in in for a few hours in total last week as it freshens the air for ages leaving a nice lingering hint of perfume." - Amanda Warne

"I was amazed by how fresh the air in the room became almost as soon as I plugged the Ambi-Pur with a touch of Febreze. It gave each room that lovely clear feeling that is so hard to achieve at this time of year when it’s so wet and miserable." - Claire Coates

"I've been trialling the Ambi-Pur plug in for about a week now and the fragrance is continuing to be a talking point whenever friends come round to visit, there have been so many comments about how lovely it smells. Ambi-Pur plug ins really do help make your home the fresh, but cosy place you want it to be." - Claire Coates

"I noticed the scent all the time......I can smell it now and it’s plugged in the other room. When you walk into my home from outside the smell is divine. I’ve used it a week and it’s still going strong....plenty more left in the refill too. It makes me feel very happy to now I can have a lovely smelling house." - Sarah Nicholson


* Research from Ambi Pur surveyed 2,000 people. Conducted by One Poll January 2013.