School's in. Get organised. Get clean

The kids are back to school and now they're out of the house, it's the perfect time to give the place a deep clean after a long, hot summer (when it's far too hot to be scrubbing, really).

You've made it! The summer holiday has been great, but we'll forgive you for breathing a sigh of relief and taking a well-deserved sit on the sofa with a cup of tea now the kids are out of the house and back at school.

But as you finish your tea you see the tea stains in your mug... Then you look around see the dust at the edge of the floors and realise the house hasn't had a thorough scrub in a while - and it needs one! So follow our top tips to get your house back to looking like 'home'.

Delightful dishes

Summer means barbecues. There'll be no doubt that your barbecue grill has built up a layer of grease and old food, but don't fear - there's a way to get a really deep clean that will leave it looking like new.

Fairy Platinum's formula delivers tough food-cleaning which means there's no need for pre-rinsing: just pop the capsule in and stick the dishwasher on.

If you don't own a dishwasher, there's still a way to tackle those greasy stains: Fairy Liquid has superb grease-cutting power to cut through grease and residue. It also gives you 50% more clean dishes* and lasts longer, so your household budget goes further.

*Vs traditional washing liquid

Bright bathroom

Bathing the kids after playtime in the garden and parks may have taken its toll on your shiny tub over summer. While a bit of elbow grease will get rid of the marks, make sure you use a cleaning product with preventative qualities that will help minimise your cleaning time in future.

Viakal not only removes limescale instantly, but also protects your surfaces for three times longer than other limescale removers. And with its smart water-sheeting technology, Viakal keeps watermarks at bay, leaving you with a sparkling clean bathroom day after day.

Shiny surfaces

The kitchen table and worktops will have been worked hard over summer, seeing the family through breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the happy memories alongside them.

Give them a pampering with Flash All Purpose Spray. It easily cuts through spills and stuck-on food, targeting tough dirt and the residue from ordinary cleaning products, leaving your surfaces with a shine you'll be proud of.

Eliminate those odours

The home isn't the only place that needs a bit of care after the holiday - the car will be worse for wear too. And any camping trips with a smelly wet dog in tow will have left the car with a bit of a whiff!

Use Febreze Fabric Refresher with Odourclear technology to breathe some freshness in to the seats and get rid of those smells. If you use the lavender scented spray, it'll also bring a bit of calm to the school run - we won't tell anyone your secret though!

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