Take the bore out of everyday chores

With the summer holidays in full swing and the kids at home, you probably find yourself with more cleaning and laundry than ever. So to help you speed things up, here are three ways to add a touch of fun for the whole family.

Make laundry day a family affair
To help you power through piles of laundry, get the kids involved. Why not play colour games and invent competitions when it comes to sorting or folding clean clothes and linen? Don’t forget - always keep the laundry detergent out of reach of young children.

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Cook up a storm
Once you’ve decided on a meal, get the kids to write the shopping list and help you track down ingredients in the supermarket. When you’re ready to start cooking, give everyone a role and put them in charge of their section in the kitchen. You can even pick up cheap chef’s hats from a party shop to add to the fun.

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Create your own cleaning squad
When it’s time for a tidy up and clean, round up the kids to start putting away toys, clothes and books. Once you’ve cleared the way, you can allocate a mini cleaning job to everyone. Just make sure you keep an eye on them at all times. After your cleaning mission is accomplished, you can reward the squad for their hard work with a special treat.