The four-step spring clean

When it’s time for a spring-clean, try these four essential tips to help you breeze through each room.

Sometimes the dread of cleaning is worse than the cleaning itself. So begin with the end in sight and plan a reward for once it’s all done. It’s also useful to get organised before you start. Try getting a container with a handle to put all your cleaning products in and carry it from room to room to avoid wasting time going back and forth. By assigning a different coloured cloth for the kitchen and bathroom, you’ll always know which is which.

To help keep you motivated, put on your favourite music on full blast and stay hydrated. Here’s a list of easy-peasy cleaning tips for each area.

1. Get the dishes done in one go

Start with the bottom rack and place plates and bowls facing the water spray. You can tuck flat pans and platters along the sides and back –placing them in front will keep the detergent from reaching the dirty dishes. Make sure cups and mugs always rest between tines on the top rack.

Fairy Platinum Dishwasher tablets are designed to break down the toughest food spoils and even help to remove grease from the hidden parts of your dishwasher. So you can look forward to sparkly clean dishes every time.

2. Blitz the bathroom

Without using the right products, scrubbing at limescale is likely to damage the finish of your sink or shower screen underneath. So to avoid spoiling your bathroom and kitchen surfaces, try a good limescale remover like Viakal. It’s specially designed to get rid of mineral deposits in minutes.

More stubborn areas will probably need longer treatment. If you come across any areas of limescale that are difficult to soak, like the undersides of taps, try Viakal Limescale Remover’s thick formula.

3. Give your floors a facelift

Always get rid of the dust first, with a vacuum or broom, ready for the big clean.

Then it’s time to turn up the volume, fill a bucket with warm water, and squeeze your bottle of Flash multisurface concentrated cleaner once until the liquid stops. Using such a small amount means one bottle will really last. Wring out your mop and once you’ve covered the whole area, you’ll only need to wait a few moments for the floor to dry.

Flash comes in a range of fresh scents. So it will not only get your floor and other surfaces around the house sparkling clean, but also leave a wonderful scent behind.

4. Refresh your lounge

Winter is marked by cosy afternoons and evenings on the sofa, wet and muddy football practices and morning strolls with the dog. So it’s no wonder the cold season often brings unwanted smells home. Luckily, with a little help from Febreze you can eradicate these in just a few sprays on cushions, sofas and curtains.

Febreze’s Vanilla Flower scent is designed to eliminate odours fast, whilst leaving a delicate vanilla perfume enriched with hints of petals and fruit. It’s bound to please your friends and family, and turn your home into a welcoming haven.

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