Mrs Hinch’s time-saving tips for those chores you usually hate


Mrs Hinch has some clever ways to make small work of those bigger jobs (plus tips on how to put them off for a bit longer!). It’s time to shine…

Sometimes cleaning the house can feel like an overwhelming task, and those hoover-under-the-sofa-type jobs often get left undone. But with Mrs Hinch’s tips, you’ll get those niggling jobs ticked off the list in no time.

Here are just seven from her Instagram account to get you started…

Cleaning out the microwave

If you’ve noticed a bit of a pong every time you open your microwave door, Mrs Hinch has a super tip that will save you any scrubbing. Simply pop some bicarbonate of soda into a small dish and leave it in the microwave for the day (make sure you don’t use the microwave during this time!). Mrs Hinch says it will absorb the odours, leaving you with a fresh-smelling microwave. Winner.

Getting rid of limescale

Chalky limescale, which often builds up around your taps and showerheads, can be a real elbow-grease job if you don’t use the right product. But Mrs Hinch knows that Viakal Limescale Remover will dissolve it in minutes.

In fact, she prevents limescale build-up altogether by making Viakal part of her regular bathroom routine: “The first thing I do is spray the shower and taps with Viakal. I love the stuff, I’ve used it from day one,” she writes on her Instagram page.

She then leaves it to work its magic for five minutes while she takes care of the rest of the bathroom. Done!

Cleaning out the fridge

Mrs Hinch makes this laborious job easier by using fridge shelf liners. These colourful additions mean you can simply remove them instead of the shelves, making cleaning the fridge a much easier task. Give them a wash in the sink, along with any fridge baskets you may have, with some warm water and a squirt of Fairy Liquid, leave them to dry and pop them back in. Done!

Putting on a big wash

It’s important to wash your linens to get rid of germs and bad smells. However, a good way to reduce the latter between washes is with a little cheat refresh.

Every morning, Mrs Hinch spritzes her bed with Febreze Fabric Refresher, which makes the covers and cushions smell as good as “just washed”. Clever, eh?

Cleaning the bathroom towel rail

This might not be something you’d even think of doing, but your towel rail probably sees a lot of damp towel action, and so over time could even become speckled with rust – and certainly lots of fingerprints!

And it’s easy enough to clean, according to this @mrshinchhome post: “I’ve just cleaned my towel rail using white vinegar and a damp micro fibre cloth! It’s come up like new 😍 happy days!”

Keeping your mattress fresh

Your mattress is subjected to all sorts of things that we won’t go into here, and a lot of it sinks in, resulting in stains and odours. You can flip your mattress once or twice a year to help it retain its shape and a level of freshness, but to help keep it fresher for longer, try Mrs Hinch’s neat trick:

Take a sieve and sprinkle bicarbonate of soda over the top of the mattress. Leave it for at least an hour – but the longer you leave it, the more dirt, moisture and odours it draws out. When you’re ready, vacuum up the bicarb and replace the sheets.

Tip: for a satisfying way of seeing how effective this is, empty your vacuum cleaner beforehand, so you can see the colour of the once-white bicarb after it’s spend a few hours on your mattress…

Scrubbing your pots and pans

It can seem like, no matter how quickly you wash up your pots and pans after cooking, they still get that nasty burnt brown colour on the bottoms. However, with a little warm water, a sponge, and Fairy Power Spray, Mrs Hinch gets her pots and pans looking like new, with very little effort! Go on, get out those pots and give it a go.

Do you have any time-saving cleaning tips?