Tips for an organised home

Quick and easy housekeeping steps for a more efficient home

Housekeeping is hard work at the best of times, so why not make life as easy as possible by taking some simple steps to make your household more efficient?

You’ll save time and energy when it comes to everyday cleaning and tidying, and it makes those big spring-clean moments easier as well, giving you more time to yourself and your family.

Try these cleaning tips and storage solutions to get you started.

The entrance/hallway area

Ensure your home is working in your favour from the moment you step foot inside. It might seem like a small thing, but if everyone removes their shoes as they arrive, you’ll save yourself a lot of time cleaning floors without people walking dirt through the house.

Invest in a shoe rack, basket or even a trunk that can sit by the front door to keep your most worn shoes in, leaving plenty of room for any guests who visit – it will help to de-clutter the hallway too.

Bonus tip: one of the first thing guests notice about a home is the smell, and with piles of shoes by the door, you risk that smell being somewhat unpleasant. So be sure to use an Ambi-Pur 3volution Plug-in, which switches fragrance every 40 minutes, to keep your hallway smelling fresh.

The living room

Have easily accessed storage for the kids’ toys and craft materials, such as a large wooden box that looks great from the outside. That way you can enjoy a more grown-up room when the children have gone to bed. Read our article on storage for the living room for more ideas, and if you’re short on space, here are seven nifty storage hacks.

The kitchen

A well laid-out kitchen makes cooking a more efficient and enjoyable experience for you.

Set up three main workspaces: a preparation area (near the fridge), cooking area (near the oven) and clean-up area (near the sink). It’s called the kitchen triangle.

Organising your most important kitchen utensils and ingredients around these key zones, too, will help ensure you have everything to hand when it comes to food preparation and cooking.

Also keep a bottle of lemon-scented Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner under the sink so it’s at hand for quick kitchen cleaning, as you can use it on both the surfaces and floors. Plus the lemon fragrance will leave your entire kitchen smelling clean and fresh.

The bathroom

The key to keeping a high-traffic bathroom clean is to declutter. When you eliminate surface clutter and ensure everyday items stay out of the way, you can easily wipe down surfaces like the sink and countertop.

Take your organisation a step further by colour-coding items by family member – letting the kids pick what colour they are – and placing bathroom essentials in assigned baskets in the relevant colour. Not only is this a great storage solution, but it’ll stop family arguments over who used up all the shower gel!

Once you’ve organised your bathroom, don’t forget to add a bottle of Cotton Fresh Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner to the top shelf of the bathroom cupboard. You can use it to clean the surfaces, tiles and floors, so you won’t need a whole range of cleaning products taking up storage space. Plus, it has more cleaning power in every brilliant drop so it lifts dirt easier.

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