Tips for Washing Dishes By Hand

Since dishes don’t do themselves, here are a few tips from Fairy washing up liquid to make dishwashing easier, as well as save you time and money

Face it - dishes don’t do themselves. So here are a couple of tips to make dishwashing easier and save you time.

Order in the sink!
Wash simple glasses and flatware first, and save the dirtiest pots and pans for last. Washing your dishes in order helps keep grease and other residue from making a mess of your sink.

Comin’ in hot!
Use warm water to fill the sink. It cuts grease and evaporates off of dishes quickly, helping them air-dry faster. Don’t be the bull in the china shop

Since china can be prone to chipping, carefully wash one piece at a time. Avoid using abrasive cleaning products or scrubbers, too. It’s called “fine” china for a reason!

Protect your fancy flatware
Silver and silver-plated flatware should be rinsed––if not washed––immediately after the meal is over. Some substances (like salt) can damage these precious metals.

Keep crystal clear
Individually wash pieces of crystal glassware. Use warm water––but not too hot––because extreme temperatures can weaken glass.

Using dish soap on cast-iron cookware
Some believe that suds will harm your cast-iron cookware. As long as you immediately dry your cookware after washing by hand, using Fairy is perfectly safe.

Give yourself a hand!
Remove your rings before dishwashing so water doesn’t get trapped beneath them. If dishpan hands are a concern, try Fairy Clean &Care. It tough against grease and gentle with your hands

Choose your soap wisely
While it is possible to create homemade dish soap, you may be compromising the quality of the clean you’ve come to know and expect. Fairy is powerful, trusted, and affordable.