4 top tips for a sparkling spa-worthy bathroom

Enjoying a bath is the pinnacle of home pampering, so make sure your bathtub feels as good as you do once you’ve had a long soak! 

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When you’ve had a stressful day, lighting a few candles and relaxing in the tub with a nice glass of something and your favourite magazine is an easy way to soothe the blues away. To make it a spa-worthy experience though, a sparkling clean bathroom is a must.

Bathtubs can get quite dirty. After all, they do collect all the dirt that we wash off ourselves! To make sure your bathtub looks its best and is always free of stains, make sure you clean it once a week. With our handy solutions, you’ll be done in just a few minutes!


1. Scrub that tub


First, it’s worth noting that there are a number of different bath tub surfaces. Enamel and acrylic tubs scratch easily so always avoid using aggressive products (such as bleach) when cleaning these. Don’t use a scrubbing brush on enamel tubs as this will likely scratch the delicate surface. Test your cleaning routine using a sponge or cloth on a hidden area of your tub first to avoid any lasting damage.

For a general clean, use Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner Cotton Fresh. Flash is safe on porcelain, enamel and acrylic bath tubs. Use it all over the surface of the tub before wiping it down and rinsing. Most of the time that should be all that needs doing. 

After a once-over with Flash, your bathtub should be sparkling clean. But if your bathtub hasn’t been taken care of for a while, you might have to tackle soap scum, watermarks and limescale too…

2. Spritz limescale away

To get rid of limescale, Viakal Limescale Remover Spray works wonders. All you have to do is spray it on the affected areas and wait for up to five minutes for it to crack down on the hard water spots. After wiping it away the limescale should be banished from the bathtub! What’s more, Viakal also works wonders on your taps leaving them sparkling and limescale-free, too!

3. Sort soap scum

Do you find that soap scum is nigh-immune to your bathroom cleaning routine? Well, Viakal works wonders here, too. Spray Viakal onto problem areas and leave for up to five minutes before wiping that scum away. Job done.

4. Scent your space

For the ultimate spa-like experience when you’re relaxing in the tub, you don’t want any nasty niffs in the vicinity. But that doesn’t mean splashing out on spendy smellies to splash about in when there are some really fragrant air fresheners out there.

Febreze Bathroom Continuous Air Freshener is non-electric so it’s safe to use in the bathroom. Not only does it eliminate odours, but it also prevents them from lingering on soft surfaces such as towels, bath mats and shower curtains for up to 45 days. For a fruity fragrance, try the Wild Berry variety to bring the scents of summer to your bathroom.

If you prefer something more floral, try the Lavender variety. The heady fragrance will transport you to the Mediterranean, and the lavender fields of France. Or conjure up a touch of the orient with White Jasmine.

What’s your favourite scent for the bathroom?
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