Quick kitchen cleaning tips

Have a family-ready kitchen in no time, with these painless cleaning tips and easy checklist to mark off the work you've done!

Like it or not, the kitchen always seems to be the room where people gather. With family meals, the kids’ school friends over for tea or casual dinner parties, the chances are your kitchen is full of guests more often than not.

With people constantly coming and going it can be tricky to keep the kitchen looking clean and tidy and find the time to do the cleaning all in one go. So if you’d rather spend more time on family life and less time  on housekeeping, then take a look at these top tips and advice on the best cleaning products for getting your kitchen spick and span as quickly as possible.

Clear and clutter free
It sounds pretty basic but it’s easy for unopened mail, rarely used appliances and general life clutter to take over the surface space in the kitchen. Find a better home for all these odds and ends and your kitchen will look tidier, cleaning the counters will immediately become a whole lot easier and it will also leave more room the kids to do their homework.

The tidy chef
Any good chef will tell you that a clean work space is all part of the cooking process. It can be tricky to multitask when preparing food for the family or guests, but if you can master the art of cleaning as you work then the rewards are very worthwhile. Not only will you find it’s more hygienic when you are cooking but after everyone has enjoyed a great home cooked meal you can sit down and appreciate time together – rather than returning to a sink full of pans stacked up to the ceiling.

Useless utensils
It’s easy to accumulate a whole range of cooking utensils that may look impressive but realistically only get used once in a blue moon. In fact we supposedly only use 20% of our utensils 80% of the time!

So take note of the utensils you really use throughout a week of cooking and put those that don’t get used into a storage box and out of sight to stop them gathering dust– they can always resurface the next time you need to freshly squeeze a lemon or make fresh pasta…

The dreaded grill
Grill cleaning has to be one of the worst jobs in the kitchen. However it really shouldn’t be put off for too long or it becomes even more challenging. Before you use the grill, spray the rack with oil to stop food getting stuck to the rungs afterwards. Plus, if you wipe the grill over after each use with Flash All Purpose Cleaner with Febreze Freshener, it will stop the element becoming too dirty and smelling out the kitchen.

Add a whoosh to your dishwasher
When neighbours stop by or the kids ask a friend home for tea, sometimes there just aren’t enough clean plates for the whole clan. So stick all the plates that are piled up by the sink in the dishwasher and use the new Fairy All in One dishwasher tablets to get brilliantly clean dishes, even in a short cycle. The dishwashing tablets dissolve in 30 minutes, to power through grease so all your crockery and cutlery will be ready for you to use again in no time.