Top tips to get your home smelling tip top after a holiday

Back from your hols and not much time to freshen up the house before the school-run chaos starts? Give everything a quick lift with these easy steps…

Late August and early September are a great time to hit the beach. The crowds are just starting to thin out, but the temperature is still high enough to enjoy the sand and sun.

But rushing home to the start of the school term can often mean returning to musty-smelling rooms and little time to clean. Here are some helpful tips on how to tackle the freshness and cleanliness of your post-holiday home.

1. Air the rooms

It may seem obvious, but opening your windows as soon as you arrive home from holidays will encourage air flow and help deal with the stale air of a house that's been locked up.

2. Spritz with Febreze

Once fresh air has been reintroduced to the house, use Febreze Air Effects to fully and effectively clean the air in your home.

Febreze doesn't just mask smells but instead uses special OdorClear technology to neutralise and get rid of bad odour molecules - leaving your home as pleasant smelling as it was pre-vacation.

And you can breathe happy in the knowledge that Febreze air care products are safe for you, your family, your pets, and your home. Febreze's team of safety experts work hard to maintain the highest performance standard for every product.

3. Dry your laundry outdoors

If weather permits, hang all vacation laundry (beach towels, swim suits, etc.) outdoors to avoid further damp, salty smells invading the house. Be sure to fully dry all items before storing them away for next year's holiday.

4. Clean out the fridge.

Often in the hurry to get away, perishable items can be forgotten and left in the fridge over the vacation period. Remove any smelly or rotten items right away to stop smells permeating your home and ensure your kitchen is back-to-school ready.

5. Plan ahead on food

Consider placing an online food order before heading off on holiday. After a long journey back you may be tempted to order a takeaway but having some fresh, healthy food delivered on the day you arrive home will save you money and a trip to the shop.

Coming home from vacation is hard enough; getting your home back into pre-holiday shape doesn't have to be. With these quick tips, your home will be back to school ready in no time.

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