3 tricks to a super clean kitchen

Cleaning a kitchen is a never-ending story. You know you’ll have to start all over again after each meal. Here are 3 steps to organise your tasks, save time and make it a rewarding, light speed routine.

Step # 1: Clean as you go
Whether you’re a cooking addict or a simple food lover, you’ve probably already seen chefs working on a TV show. Did you notice how they constantly clean and remove unnecessary tools after the food is prepared, to end up with a clean tabletop when food is ready? The best professionals use this trick: they clean and put away as they go. Why don’t you take a page from their book and do the same.

- First while preparing food, rinse the utensils you won’t use anymore or place them directly in the dishwasher. Put away the ingredients after you have used them. Wipe away your counter and chopping boards right after food is set to cook. Place your cookbook back on its shelf. You’ll thank yourself when the meal is over.

- When food is served, immediately fill your pans with water, adding a drop of Fairy Premium. Leave them to soak in the sink during mealtime; it will make cleaning a lot easier.

- During your meal, gradually place back items after they have been used. Bring back starters and their containers when you get up to bring the main dish, then main dish related items when you get up to get the desert. Don’t go anywhere with empty hands. This way when the meal is over, there are far less things to bring back and the table and tabletops will be cleared in no time.

Step # 2 De-clutter your counters
Clear countertops will allow a fast and efficient cleaning, without having to move away items, from one place to another, to wipe surfaces. Set a general rule to place as many items as possible on shelves or in cupboards to leave your table and counters free. You don’t use your pasta machine or your poached egg strainer every day do you? Keep what you need every day near at hand and what you need less often on higher shelves or less accessible places. Make sure the dining table is totally empty after each meal so you can wipe it in no time. Here are some other directions you may consider:

- Fix knives and scissors on the wall with a magnet bar, place spices on a spice shelf beside the stove, cooking utensils in a drawer below the stove, oil and water bottles in a low cupboard.

- Create a special box for mail and papers that you will place on a shelf. Set a fixed weekday to handle its content.

- If you need more space in your kitchen cupboards, set aside the nice plates, glassware, and flatware that you use less often and look for a different storage for them in another cupboard.

Step # 3 Set a week plan
Some tasks need to be dealt with at every meal, some should be undertaken once a week. Set a day for each weekly task, this way you can reduce the painful chores and your kitchen is constantly shining. Sort out tasks according to the cleaning product needed, so you don’t need to repeat the same action twice in the week.

Here is a week plan suggestion:
- Mondays will be for floor cleaning
- Tuesdays is dusting
- Wednesdays is for going through the fridge and shelves for expired food or untouched leftovers
- Thursdays is for all tabletops, stove and sink
- Fridays is for mail and paper sorting
Leave weekend days open for quality family time

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