Two-in-one cleaning hacks for busy parents

Kill two chores with one sponge by following our time-saving suggestions.

Who has the time to do a spring clean? Not many of us it would seem. A YouGov survey showed that fewer than half (49%) of those asked still undertake a once-a-year comprehensive clean of their homes. And you can bet a hefty chunk of those who don’t bother are busy parents who have, well, EVERYTHING else to do.

But we do all like a tidy home, and those deep-clean jobs don’t do themselves (however nicely we ask the cleaning fairy). So we’ve found ways to get spring-cleaning tasks done alongside your day-to-day duties, with minimal time and effort. Give these a go – we hope they help…

Next time you… run the dishwasher

You can clean all sorts of things from around the house in your dishwasher. From sponges, plastic toys and pet dishes to toothbrush holders, soap dishes, and even the kitchen exhaust filter.

So next time you have space in your dishwasher, pop in a few extras. Use a Fairy Platinum Dishwasher Capsule to ensure everything comes out good as new – and, even better, it helps clean the grease from your dishwasher too!

Next time you… do the laundry

When you have room to spare in your washing machine, throw a few other bits in – you know, those items that are easy to forget, from your bathmat, hand towels and flannels, to tea towels and even cushion covers. Although be careful not to overfill your machine – there should be a gap at the top the width of your hand to ensure the load is cleaned properly.

Pop in an Ariel 3in1 Pod and everything, from your T-shirts to your tea towels, will come out stain-free and looking like new.

Next time you… take a shower

Once you’ve finished your shower, take a minute to spray the showerhead with Viakal Limescale Remover and cover it with a plastic sandwich bag, or similar, tying it at the base. Leave it to work its magic for five minutes while you dry off, then remove the bag and wipe with a damp cloth. With all that crusty limescale gone, the next shower you have will feel like you’ve installed a new power shower. Bliss!

Next time you… clean the house

You probably regularly clean the surfaces, tiles and floors in the house – but how often do you clean the walls? From fingerprints to crayon scribbles to scuff marks, your paintwork is probably far from perfect.

Tag an extra five minutes on to the end of your cleaning routine to blitz any wall marks with a Flash Magic Eraser. Simply dampen the sponge and wipe the mark to make it disappear, without removing the paint below. You’ll be surprised how much clean walls can give your house a lift.

Next time you… de-fluff your clothes

Got the lint roller out to pick up the fluff from your black jeans/tights/coat? Once you’ve sorted your clothing out, run the roller over your fabric lampshades. This removes dust much more effectively than a cloth or feather duster.

Next time you… do the washing up

Before you submerge your marigolds in soapy suds, run them over any pet-hair-covered furniture. The fur will stick to the rubber, making it much easier to pick up. When you’re done, dunk the gloves in water (not your washing-up water though!) and the stuck-on fur will wash off and float to the top, so you can easily gather it together and throw it in the bin.

Do you give your house a spring clean? Let us know – and share any time-saving tips! – below.