6 breath-taking ways Febreze can freshen up your home

No matter how hard you vacuum or scrub, there are some stubborn smells that just won’t shift. But there’s no need to put up with them – whip out the Febreze!

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Unlike other air fresheners or fragrances, Febreze doesn’t just mask odours – it actively works to eliminate them. From the frying pan to the laundry basket, the smells from everyday home life can get trapped in fabrics and released back into the air over time. Using unique Odourclear technology, Febreze releases those trapped odours, leaving your home smelling lovely and fresh again.

Something getting up your nose at home? We’ve sniffed out six common stinky hot spots and the best Febreze fix for them:

1. Sofa scented with eau de pet?

How we love our pets. And who really has the willpower to resist those hangdog stares when they want to snuggle on the sofa? Problem is, even if you can hoover off the fur, the whiff often stays behind. This is the moment for Febreze Pet Collection Fabric Refresher Spray, specially formulated with Odourclear technology to clean away tough, lingering pet odours without masking them. Just give your soft furnishings a quick spritz once a week as part of your regular cleaning routine.

2. Curtains that you can’t face washing?

Let’s be honest, cleaning your curtains isn’t exactly top of the list of household chores. Short of a quick blast with the extra-long vacuum nozzle, most people ignore their curtains for months or even years. Which means they might get a bit, well, stale. A weekly spritz with Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray in April Fresh Lenor will keep things fresh and clean-smelling, eliminating smelly molecules.

3. Bedroom smells giving you sleepless nights?

Scent can be an important factor in helping you relax enough to go to sleep. Whether you have occasional nights staring at the ceiling or you’re a chronic insomniac, using a soothing fragrance can help you nod off – and leave your room smelling lovely!

Giving your bedlinen or throws and cushions a light spritz with Febreze Fabric Refresher in Moonlit Lavender will help create a tranquil atmosphere and maintain that just-washed feeling in your sheets. You can also spray your duvet when changing your bedlinen, to keep it fresh till you wash it.

4. Mats, carpets and rugs that reek?

From doormats to indoor rugs to full-on fitted carpets, it can be hard to get all those fibres properly cleaned – which is a problem when you think where your shoes have been! A blast of Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray in your favourite scent will give your home that ‘just-cleaned’ scent, obliterating the molecules that cause odours.

5. Trainers and shoes that are stinky?

Whether you’re keeping fit and wearing out your trainers, or you can’t persuade your other half to give up their favourite old boots, there is no aroma as pungent as smelly shoes. If you get into the habit of spritzing them with Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray Classic every time you take them off, you can extend the life of even the hardest-working footwear and keep your shoe rack fragrant all year!

6. Wearing clothes for one more day?

Did you know that if you’re a real high-end denim fanatic, you’re not supposed to wash your jeans at all? The favoured technique for keeping them clean is to ‘freeze and Febreze’, to kill the germs and add a fresh scent.

While lots of us would be horrified at the idea of unwashed jeans, there’s no doubt that sometimes you want to wear something more than once – a jacket, some trousers, a jumper – before washing it. A quick spritz of Febreze Fabric Refresher Spray Cotton Fresh will get rid of any of those everyday smells, from food to traffic fumes, leaving your clothes smelling laundry-fresh.

Have you got any great uses for Febreze that we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to hear them in the comments box below.