What are the effects of limescale on your life?


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Limescale is easily recognizable by the white traces it leaves behind on kitchen and bathroom faucets, but do you really know the impact that limescale can have on your life?

The content of limescale in water is linked to the geological nature of the soil. It’s essential to get to know limescale and the full extent of its effects. And it’s equally important to learn how to remove limescale in a simple and long-lasting way.

Here are a few pointers and solutions!

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Limescale at home.
Limescale also has other negative effects. Especially on your house. It can really spoil your overall home look.
The effects of this enemy are:
- Obstruction and oxidation of pipes
- Limescale traces on tapware all over the house
- Opacity on all types of surfaces including silverware and glassware
- Difficulties with the washing machine
- Increase in consumption of cleaning products
- Shorter lifetime for electrical appliances


Limescale and health.

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You’ve probably asked yourself more than once if drinking water with limescale can damage your health. The answer is no! It’s a fact: limescale, in small quantities, does not have any bad repercussions on your organism. On the contrary: most mineral waters you find in stores have minerals like magnesium and calcium that are good for your body. In general, natural spring waters have the right balance of these minerals to help us stay healthy!
On the other hand, limescale can dry up your skin. So if you live in a hard water area, remember to regularly use a good hand & body cream.

How do you remove limescale? All these inconveniences are very persistent and you won’t make them magically disappear with a snap of your fingers. That’s why, to resolve some of these problems, it’s the right moment to choose a product that protects your surfaces and eliminates limescale all at once. You just have to trust the specialist. We recommend Viakal limescale removal, the ally you need: it not only eliminates limescale without effort, but also protects your surfaces three times longer than any other anti-limescale products, giving your bathroom a new shine!

Now that you know all the positive and negative aspects of limescale, you’re ready to give a lecture on the subject!