Why sometimes you just need to embrace the mess

Don’t stress to clear up clutter after Christmas. Here’s why you should relax and embrace the ‘happi-mess’ instead…

With the chaos of Christmas over, it’s tempting to make a new start for the new year. A common resolution is to get the house in order, particularly if you’ve been hosting and have had the family over for the festive season.

While a pristine home may be the dream, with the kids indoors and a whole host of new toys for them to play with, now might not be the best time to achieve it – and a messy home can be a happy home too.

Here’s why it’s time to embrace the happi-mess at this time of year…

En-JOY the season

One big reason not to get too hung up on clearing up Christmas clutter straight away is that you can keep the spirit of the season alive for just a little longer. Sure, it’s nice to have a clean and tidy house, but that doesn’t mean taking the tree to the tip as soon as dawn breaks on Boxing Day.

You might notice the pine needles on the floor, remnants of wrapping paper on the sofa and presents all over the place – but the kids won’t. What they will notice is the twinkling lights on the tree and all the great gifts they’ve got, which will make magical memories for them to look back on fondly in future.

Children tend to be fully present in the present, so try to follow suit, instead of stressing about the next thing on your to-do list.

Indulge in entertaining

Eating, drinking and making merry are at the heart of Christmas, and carrying it on into the new year is the perfect way to keep the winter blues away. Many of us find money is tight after the festive season, and this combined with woeful weather means that the social life takes a hit in the first few months of the year.

Instead of going out, inviting friends and family over to share food and drink is a great way to keep relationships thriving. Go for a relaxed and cosy vibe rather than stressing about the state of the house – after all, people are coming to see you, not judge the house. And of course, once the last guest is out of the door, Fairy makes light work of washing-up – after all the one mess many can’t put up with is dirty dishes.

Perfect for playtime

At this time of year, your home needs to double up as a playground when it’s too cold and wet for the kids to play outside. You might dream of an artfully decorated dining table with flowers and candles – but the reality is that it’s more likely to be covered in glitter or cookie dough because it’s pulling double duty as craft corner to keep the kids occupied.

If your children are as clumsy as they are crafty, and end up with as much paint on their clothes as they do on the paper, then help is at hand. Bold will get their clothes cleaned up and smelling sensational too. And a quick spray of Flash will soon have your dining table clean enough to eat your dinner off.

Lovely little luxuries

A little clutter is inevitable in a busy household. You might not be able to banish it completely, but it is possible to escape it, if only for a little while. Your post-Christmas budget might not stretch to a blowout break at a fancy spa, but taking some time out to treat yourself needn’t cost a fortune.

If you’re finding it difficult to embrace the mess, then it’s time to give yourself a break. Lock the bathroom door, put on some soothing music, light some candles and indulge in a relaxing bath.

Use Viakal once you're finished, to make sure the bathroom is sparkling and free from limescale for the next time you need a break.

How do you relax when your house is still showing the chaotic effects of Christmas? Let us know your tricks in the comments section below.