3 ways to shake up veggies so your kids will LOVE them

Try these sneaky ways to hide veggies in your kids’ favourite foods, and they’ll gobble them up without even knowing!

Broccoli… whinge. Carrots… tantrums. Spinach… meltdown. When you’ve got a little veggie-dodger on your hands, it can be hard to convince them to eat healthy foods.

Need some help? Try lovingly, but cheekily, sneaking some vegetables into family favourites with these ideas.

Yummy tummy mac ’n’ cheese

This creamy mac ’n’ cheese is packed with veggies, and they really add to the flavour. In fact, your kids will be desperate to know Mummy’s secret ingredient!

Start by boiling diced butternut squash, carrots and sweet potatoes until tender. Drain and, handling the hot veggies with care, purée them in a blender until smooth (add some water if you’re having trouble blending).

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Return the vegetable purée back to the pot over heat and stir in milk, cheddar cheese and – for extra creaminess and yum – cream cheese, until it’s an ooey-gooey cheesy mixture.

To finish it off, add in cooked macaroni, mix thoroughly and cover for 20 minutes before enjoying.

Sneaky cheeky lasagne

Turn up the veggie volume on this classic comfort food without the “picky police” noticing.

When making the Bolognese sauce, simply add in some puréed carrots, spinach and mushrooms for added vegetable power. Mix things up even more by replacing the pasta sheets with thin slices of courgette or aubergine.

Easy greeny banana bread

For a sweet treat that packs a veggie punch, try adding some grated courgette the next time you’re making your favourite banana bread recipe.

Just squeeze and drain the grated courgette to remove as much liquid as possible, and omit one banana from your recipe.

These ideas have been brought to you by Fairy, which cuts through grease and stuck-on food first time, no matter what you’ve cooked up in the kitchen!

What tricks do you use to get your kids to eat veggies? Let us know in the comments section below.