3 ideas for mid-week dinner

Get dinner sorted and make two dishes for midweek while you’re at it

Even those of us who love cooking can get a bit fed-up with the midweek supper dash (so much to do, so little time!). So imagine being able to cook on a Sunday and have another couple of meals waiting in the fridge to warm up faster than you can say ready meal.

You can even freeze the midweek dinners if you prefer.

The mothership – a Sunday roast

Everybody loves a nice roast on a Sunday, and with a bit of imagination it can be Monday and Tuesday’s supper too!

Start with a joint of beef that’s big enough to allow for leftovers.

Peel extra spuds too, then, take half of them out of the pan after par-boiling for your roasties and leave the other half in the pan to cook through. Once they’re done, mash them.

You’ll need to cook and set aside some extra carrots too.

Dinner Idea two: Shepherd’s Pie

Mince some of your leftover beef (or chop finely by hand) and sauté with some chopped onions or herbs according to taste. Set aside a quarter of this for meal number three and then add a tin of tomatoes to the remaining mince before putting into an ovenproof dish.

Mash your leftover carrots and combine with your mashed potato before layering on top of the mince.