6 delicious Christmas breakfasts

Breakfast often gets forgotten in the hubbub of present opening, but it’s your Christmas too, so make the first meal of the day a tasty treat

On Christmas day, there’s every chance that a quiet and calm breakfast is not on the agenda. But by starting a yummy breakfast tradition, you’ll look forward to Christmas morning as much as the kids.

From sticky cinnamon buns to sophisticated smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, treat foods can still be easy to whip up. Even better, whoever’s cooking lunch (our guess is you) gets to have breakfast made for them…

1. Cinnamon buns

Home-baked buns create a fabulous aroma on Christmas morning. The dough can be made the night before and then kept in the fridge so they can be baked fresh in a few minutes when you want them.

2. Cinnamon toast

If baking is too adventurous first thing in the morning, this American comfort food is incredibly easy. Mix together a small bowl of granulated sugar and ground cinnamon (about one teaspoon of cinnamon to three of sugar). Toast slices of bread and butter them while still hot, then sprinkle with the spiced sugar to taste.

3. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

This is easy-peasy to whip up, is healthy and tastes delicious. Whip eggs with milk (or cream if you’re feeling particularly decadent) and a pinch of salt. Heat butter in a pan and cook the egg mixture, stirring and folding until cooked to your liking. Serve with smoked salmon and a slice of toasted rye bread.

4. Healthy smoothies

Ideal for getting something nutritious but easy into the children when they’re too excited to sit and eat breakfast. Whizz up a handful of berries (frozen berries are a brilliant standby) with half a glass of natural yoghurt and half a glass of milk. You can pass it off as having milkshake for breakfast!

5. American-style pancakes

For a change from traditional Shrove Tuesday pancakes, make smaller, slightly more chunky buttermilk ones which can be prepared in minutes. Click here for the full recipe.

Serve with a selection of goodies liked sliced banana, berries, soft cheese, bacon and maple syrup.

6. Spanish omelette

Make a hearty omelette that everyone gets a slice of and it’ll keep them going until that big Christmas lunch.
Cook slices of onion and 500-700g peeled raw potato in a frying pan and season well. Add in six beaten eggs then leave the mixture to stand. Meanwhile heat a little oil in a smaller pan then pour in the mixture so it makes a thick omelette.

The tip is to let it cook through about two-thirds before popping on a pan lid and carefully flipping the omelette over to cook through on the other side. Delicious hot or cold.

For more recipe ideas, check out these nutritious breakfasts perfect for winter mornings.

Do you have a traditional Christmas breakfast? Let us know in the comments section below.