Easy Cake Decorating Ideas for your kids

Cake decorating doesn’t have to be professional to look fantastic. Simple decorations can be just as beautiful and even more meaningful when you and your kids create a cake together. Try these ideas to sweeten your next celebration.

Get a supply of food decoration
Purchase some of the following in advance from a specialty store:
- Food colouring in various fun shades
- Edible decorating toppers such as glitters or flowers
- Sweets
- Creative candles
You may purchase a little extra as it will always be useful later on, and most of these items have a long life span.

Search for other original toppings
For a wider selection of options, try your local craft shop for small flags, toy cars or garlands. You may also use your kids’ favourite plastic figurines. Make sure they are big enough not to be swallowed.

Create your kids’ cooking attire
Provide an apron for each child – or make one by tying a clean cloth around its neck and back. They will feel very proud to be dressed like grown up cooks, and you’ll be relieved when laundry time comes.

Play with colours
Colours have a strong impact on children. Here is how to use them in your cakes:
- Mix different colours in the various layers of a two- or three- tier cake.
- Colour cupcakes in different shades.
- Create a nice coloured frosting base that will host various decorating toppers.
Remember to let your kids pick the palette, as they will feel excited to be part of the decision process.

Let the young artists express themselves
Most important, let your kids do their part by assigning them specific tasks while baking. Incidentally, teach them to put away utensils after use and to clean as they go. Once topping time comes, give them their own cake area to decorate. Set out a buffet of decorating items in front of them and let them pick freely. Cupcakes are perfect when several children are around as each one may create his or her own work of art. Divide the cupcakes between children and let each cupcake be a new canvas for a unique creation.

Kids and clean-up
Like decorating, clean-up is much more fun with everyone taking part. While you wash, a child can dry and another can put away. Try using Fairy® Antibacterial. It fights bacteria and cuts through tough grease, keeping your dishes sparkling and your kitchen germ-free, especially important when little ones are around touching everything.