Mini beef Yorkshire puddings

This recipe makes about 12-15 puddings so scale it up if you want to serve more.

• Make the batter by combining one large egg with 100g plain flour.
• Slowly stir in a stream of 100ml water and milk combined (60ml milk, 40ml water).
• Stir this until smooth like a pancake batter then set aside for a while.
• Warm a muffin tray in the oven. When it is hot, add a small splash of oil into each hole and pour in two tablespoons of the batter per pudding.
• Bake these for about 7 minutes on gas mark 7 (220°C or 425°F) until they are brown and puffy. Take them out of the oven then as they will dry out too much if you leave them in the oven, even with the heat turned off.
• Roast your beef according to taste (rare or medium) then slice thinly.
• Add a small amount of mustard or horseradish on top of each Yorkshire pudding then top with a bitesized portion of beef.