Savvy mums’ tips: cooking shortcuts

Useful ideas from mums in the supersavvyme community

Try these three great suggestions for everyday tasks in the kitchen:

Shenz says:
‘A quick way to thicken a sauce when time is short is to add a little instant mash to it. Works for soups and casseroles as well.’

Jodie says:
‘Mix sweet mashed potato with normal mash to encourage the kids to try new flavours.’

Louise says:
‘When making shortbread biscuits remove some of the flour and replace it with semolina – it gives the biscuits more of a crunch. I have been doing this for years and I always get loads of good comments on them!’

Editor’s tips:
• Add a mustard kick: if you’re making a flour and butter roux as a base for a cheese sauce or a vegetable gravy, use half flour and half mustard powder for a richer flavour.
• Lemon veg: if you want to soften onion and other vegetables for a casserole instead of sautéing, squeeze a lemon over the prepared vegetables, cover and simmer for a few minutes. It adds flavour without using any cooking oil.
• Long-life cream on standby: even if you tend to get fresh cream or other toppings for puddings, a pot of long-life cream in the fridge lasts for months and is perfect for impromptu baking, oomphing-up your pasta sauce or to create a quick classy dessert topping (melt chocolate pieces in the cream on the hob then pour over ice cream and banana or crumbled biscuits).

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