Three delicious healthy suppers

Get the family eating healthily and feeling great.

Create family meals you know are doing some good to your health.

Chilli pot
Veg will add vitamins and fibre without picky eaters even noticing. Good too for zinc and iron. Use beef or pork mince and fry for about 5 minutes in its own fat rather than adding oil.

AT A GLANCE: Finely chop onion, garlic and veg (peppers, mushroom, courgette, celery etc) then sauté, adding a little chilli powder, paprika, cumin and cooking through. Add 600ml stock, two tablespoons of tomato puree and one can of kidney beans. Simmer with the cooked meat for an hour.

Lamb and veg kebabs
A change from meat and two veg, this is a great dairy-free dinner, and a good source of iron, protein and B vitamins.

AT A GLANCE: Cut lean lamb into chunks and marinate for an hour in olive oil, herbs, seasoning and lemon juice. Marinate small pieces of veg (eg cherry tomatoes, baby sweetcorn, button mushrooms, shallots) and thread on skewers with the lamb. Grill on a medium setting for 10-15 minutes, turning so the meat is cooked through. Serve with rice.

Fishy risotto

Fish has the protein kids need for development and growth, plus B vitamins we all need for cell repair, and the antioxidant selenium. Try smoked haddock for flavour.

AT A GLANCE: Finely chop an onion and sauté with 200g risotto rice. Add 800ml stock. Simmer and stir for 15-20 minutes then add haddock, cook for 5 minutes and flake the fish as you stir. Add sweetcorn or peas.

Savvy tip
Smuggle parsnip and swede in with your potato it’ll add other vitamins along with the complex carbohydrates. Cooked well and mashed with a bit of olive oil or skimmed milk, it won’t taste too strong for even small kids.

Pass it on – the truth about salt
Did you know that eating potassium-rich foods can normally help your body, can more efficiently get rid of excess salt in your diet? Check out our tips on using salt in cooking.