Warming Christmas drinks

Easy recipes for delicious hot drinks children and grown-ups will love. Instead of reaching for the teabags, why not offer around some different, delicious hot drinks when you’re gathered with friends and family?

Homemade hot chocolate

Heat up a mugful of milk then thoroughly stir in about 50g of grated chocolate (ideally quite a rich chocolate rather than just a regular milk chocolate as this won’t be so flavoursome when mixed in). Also stir in two teaspoons of sugar and one teaspoon of cinnamon, making sure it’s all melted before serving.
TIP: Even if you’re using readymade hot chocolate powder, enhance your drinks by topping your drinks with a little grated chocolate and mini marshmallows.

Mulled apple juice
A warming, spicy apple drink is a wonderful alternative to alcoholic drinks. Put a litre of apple juice in a pan with a couple of cloves, a cinnamon stick, the zest and juice of half a lemon and half an orange, and add about 50g sugar (adding a chunk of peeled, fresh ginger tastes great too). Warm this until all the sugar has melted, but don’t boil it. Let it simmer for a few minutes then strain out the liquid to serve.
TIP: Cartons of apple juice are OK but a bottle of fresh apple juice is ideal.

Cinnamon milk
Warm through a mugful of milk and stir in a teaspoon of cinnamon and a little honey. Serve with a cinnamon stick in the mug and (optional) a little nutmeg grated on top.
TIP: Cinnamon can be a little powdery in drinks so make sure it’s all well stirred and dissolved..

Pass it on – easy festive treats the kids can make
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