30 minute home improvement ideas

Try these quick, max-impact interior design ideas to give the rooms in your house back their wow factor.

Even if you don’t have lots of time to tackle major DIY projects, you can still try a few home décor ideas one at a time, or even make small changes that cost nothing but which create a great new feel.

Change the focus of the place you spend most time in. Simply move the sofa and the TV to different positions in the lounge. You’ll be amazed how this changes your perspective, and with a little spring clean in the corners while you’re moving everything around, the whole living room will get a pain-free facelift.

Re-cover the kitchen chairs or add a simple fabric backing to wooden chairs to unify the look, with a matching table cloth. Use lighting (a low-hanging ceiling light over the centre of the table, or a pretty table lamp if there’s room) to add a focal point in the evening, instead of the main kitchen light.

Re-grout your tiles and make your bathroom look brand new! Don’t take off the old tiles, simply dig out the grout with a grout rake (less than £5 from any DIY store). Be careful not to chip your tiles. Then mix new grout (use a waterproof grout, again very cheap), apply it between your tiles and wipe off the excess.

In addition to a main light and bedside lamps, adding an extra freestanding lamp or safely wall-mounted candleholders can make your bedroom feel more ‘loungey’ in the evenings. For this simple bedroom design idea position the light so it makes your necklaces sparkle or casts light on a pretty little table or chair.

A child’s bedroom
Liven up furniture with stencil patterns, buy a huge poster map of the world and pin it up, or if you have solid plaster walls, clean one of them down and paint it with blackboard paint, then get the kids drawing their own ‘wallpaper’ with chalks. You can find plenty of other wall art ideas too.

Try this!
Switch living room curtains for full-length drapes for an instant dramatic effect. Choose a pretty unlined readymade curtain (much cheaper than lined ones), then buy a plain unlined pair the same size to create a free-hanging lining. They look amazing for a fraction of the usual price.


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