7 steps to create the bedroom of your dreams

Follow these easy ways to achieve sleeping quarters to rival those of a boutique hotel – and all for less than the cost of a night’s stay

Remember the days when you’d sneak off for a couple’s getaway and book into a stylish boutique hotel?

Nowadays, when you’re booking holidays, the priority is making sure that there is stuff for the kids to do – so 'sophisticated design' doesn’t come high on that list.

But while pricey hotel stays might be off the cards for now, that doesn’t mean you need to forego an elegant boudoir forever. Here’s how you can create the look at home – without spending a fortune.

1. Start a scrapbook

Whether it’s physically cutting pictures from brochures and magazines to paste into a scrapbook or the digital equivalent, this is a crucial step. Avoid expensive mistakes by collecting together all your inspiration and narrowing down exactly what you want before you begin.

2. Confirm your colour scheme

Sophisticated, stylish rooms usually only feature a couple of colours, so decide on the look you want and select shades accordingly. For something glam, try silver greys and purples. Or different blue tones for a calming space. Fresh white, zingy greens and dark wood furniture will give you an Oriental-style retreat.

For an elegant look, pick a palette – and stick to it! Even if you love an accessory, resist unless it fits your scheme, otherwise it could start to look messy.

3. Boost your bed

If you’re in the market for a new bed, then pick a four poster for some serious drama. If not, then you can still make a statement by adding a headboard or revamping your existing one. You could even make one with plywood and upholstery foam if you’re feeling particularly crafty – make it ceiling height for extra style points.

Covering your headboard in sumptuous fabric like velvet or silk will bring a touch of luxury to the room. As you won’t need loads of fabric, look out for designer remnants too – it’s much cheaper to cover a headboard than it is to invest in pricey curtains or wallpaper but it still creates the same statement focal point.

4. Pile on pillows

Once your bed is sorted, upgrade your linens. White bedding will always be stylish, so go for Egyptian cotton or the best quality you can afford. Think plush faux fur throws and lots of cushions to create a luxe feel.

5. Keep it clean

Everyone loves that feeling of getting into freshly washed sheets. To keep your bedding fresh and in tip-top condition, use Bold. Bold 3in1 Pods give you great cleaning power, unbelievable softness and irresistible freshness so that you won’t ever want to leave your bed.

Plus, you can now find Bold 3in1 Pods in a family pack with a child safety lock so that little hands can’t get into it. Remember – keep them up, keep them closed and keep them safe.

6. Lower the lighting

A really quick fix to create a chic ambience is to install dimmer switches and bulbs. Low lighting is atmospheric, but it still gives you the option to whack it up when you need to check whether the tights you’ve pulled out of the drawer are navy or black.

7. Style up your bedside

One of the great things about hotel stays is the lack of clutter, so it’s time to clear the books, chargers and half-full glasses of water from your bedside table. Put them out of sight if your table has storage, but if you don’t have drawers or doors, find a pretty tray for the essentials. Add some fresh flowers too for a touch of luxury.

Which hotel would you most like to stay in if money were no object? Let us know in the comments below.