Create a bedroom sanctuary

Make a special space just for you by getting more from your bedroom during the day.

As your children grow, you don’t have to be so ‘hands-on’ but you still need to be ‘on hand’, so create a room at home that you love spending time in.

1. Clear out. Are clothes strewn everywhere because your wardrobe is full? Fill vacuum storage bags with any outfits you haven’t worn for three months – you won’t wear them tomorrow! Daily tidying needs to be effortless so put up pretty hooks for jewellery and treat yourself to a cute magazine rack to stash away papers and post that piles up by the bed.

2. Change your colour. Moving wardrobes etc is a hassle but a new colour on the walls adds a real kick. Even if you choose a warm colour, use a splash of white on one wall for light and calm.

3. Add light. Even if you use black-out curtains at night, get as much sunshine by day as possible. Drape nets from halfway down your windows instead of hanging them from the top of the windowframe – you still have privacy without blocking out light. Or drape plain voile panels all the way to the floor for a flowing effect.

4. Lounge space. If you have room, bring your favourite comfy chair and a little stool into the bedroom – it’ll look great and you can retreat here with a book and coffee. Alternatively, get a few big cushions so your bed becomes a sofa by day.

5. Sort sounds. If you listen to the radio in the kitchen you’ll be tempted to do tasks. Instead, escape to the bedroom for your favourite shows and keep some restful music to hand, too (maybe try an ambient nature soundtrack).

Savvy tip
The bedroom is for both of you. Add a bookshelf on his side of the bed or dust off his trusty old guitar from the attic. Even if he doesn’t play anymore, it’ll look cool!

Pass it on – turn off the TV
According’s top sleeping tips, computers and televisions should be kept out of the bedroom.