Home is a private retreat to treasure

Did your home used to be somewhere to rush back to for some hurried, but much needed, sleep and a quick snack? Did your fridge exist purely to keep soft drinks chilled? Did you only have to vacuum your place twice a month as you were always either at work or running around after the kids?

Lynette Peck
Is your home now a private retreat that you treasure, nurture and spend time and money on? Do you relish being in your personal abode and take pleasure from simple tasks such as dressing the table for lunch with friends to choosing new wallpaper for the spare room?

Perhaps, after years of messy kids’ teatimes, you’ve finally decided to throw away that indestructible plastic tableware and confidently paint the walls a cool, clean white? Or maybe, with the arrival of grandchildren, you’ve actually been back into the attic to retrieve the cutlery sets especially suited to smaller hands?

Did you used to have a small patio area, for a garden, just to have impromptu drinks parties on? Did you only tidy up the garden if visitors were due? Or where there was once a permanent traffic jam of scooters and bikes adorned with training wheels, do you now have space to grow vegetables and have designated areas for rest and play with tables and chairs, lanterns, pots, plants and more?

If this all this sounds familiar and you were nodding through most of that, then Victoria’s Home & Garden section is just for you.

I am Lynnette Peck, your columnist, and I have over 20 years of experience writing about our lifestyles on magazines and newspapers ranging from Vogue and Homes & Antiques to The Telegraph and Sunday Times.

I am not here to tell you what to do in your home and garden but just gently steer you through the latest homes and garden products and trends with some top tips thrown in. I will speak to specialists, from landscape architects to interior designers, and together we will take this journey of discovery to ensure that your home and garden is the best that you wish it to be.