Home looks: Creating a warm welcome

Try these home décor ideas for creating a relaxed and cosy look around your home.

Rich warm reds
Whether you have pale or dark walls, choose rich reds for your sofa or armchairs and fiery reds and oranges for throws and cushions to instantly make a room look more cosy.

Wood chests
Don’t let your house look unwelcoming because there’s clutter everywhere – sort lounge mess like DVDs and magazines into wooden boxes. Wood or leather will look more classy than other fabrics and appear more like furniture than basic storage.

It’s not safe to place candles around rooms where they might be left unattended or be easily knocked over (especially when you have children in the house). But unlit candles in a variety of candlesticks can still look effective on a mantelpiece, or choose candleholders or lanterns for your hallway that can be positioned and lit safely on walls out of the way of curtains, coats or children.

Smart doorways
Think about how spacious and inviting your home looks from the front door. Are the doorways leading off the hall always closed and battered looking and do you have a pile of coats for visitors to clamber over as soon as they arrive? De-clutter your hallway, buy a coat stand and repaint any doors. Even better, keep doors open and lead the visitor’s eye off into a room with clean walls and light-reflecting mirrors.

Fabulous fireplaces
Even if you don’t have working fireplaces, bring the focus of a room back to where any fireplaces might have been. Tidy up mantelpieces so they become a space to display loved objects and photos rather than abandoned coffee mugs, and sweep away dusty hearths, installing a vase of dried flowers as a pretty focal point.

Savvy tip
Filling your home with a gorgeous scent can make all the difference to how you feel. Check our Savvy guide to the Best scents for your home.

Pass it on – create the best welcome
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