Interior design projects for the weekend

Home decorating ideas for a new look in just one weekend.

There’s always some home improvement task we just wish we had the time to do, from tidying the cupboard under the stairs to painting the lounge but there’s never enough time to get it done.

We’ve put together some quick and easy ideas which will help to refresh your home décor, the great thing is you can complete them in a weekend - or less!

Start by picking up your supplies at DIY store on Friday, maybe while you’re running errands or on your way home from work. Then, complete your projects on Saturday and leave Sunday for cleaning up.  

Replacing Light Switch Covers
One of the easiest ways to update your home design is to update the light switches. It’s the first thing you reach for when you walk into a room, so a new switch cover will get noticed.

  • Find a switch plate that will fit the décor of the rest of your room
  • For quick and effective interior design ideas, consider replacing a plastic plate with one of brass, copper or chrome for a more refined and decorative look
  • There are even switch covers that have textured designs or pretty color schemes
  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the old cover, and then simply screw in the new one

Hanging New Artwork
A very dramatic –and very simple– way to update your home décor  is by hanging some new artwork.

  • Many different stores sell reproductions of famous paintings and photographs which you can purchase at a small price
  • Make sure you really think about framing, choosing the right colour and size of your frame can make or break a room
  • Match the artwork to your existing home furnishings
  • Think about the size of your wall space, if your picture is too big it will over power the room. Take a step back and measure up the space before you buy – you will then be able to see what your wall and room will be able to handle

Add a Feature Wall
A slightly more involved interior design project is to create a feature wall in a room, it’s an easy way to add colour.

  • When you choose the wall that you’re going to paint, decide what the best feature in the room is and use  that to determine your colour palette
  • It should probably be the focal point of the room, like a wall with a fireplace or a great piece of art on it
  • Take a look around your room and figure out what the dominant color in the room is. Then use our Colour Wheel Guide to help make the best match

Tip: When painting an accent wall, use a small roller to avoid wasting paint - a bigger roller will absorb more paint.

Replacing Your Bathroom Accessories
A simple bathroom project is to update the accessories in a bathroom.

  • Simply changing the handles on cupboards and drawers can really give your bathroom décor a different look
  • If you’d rather use the metal hardware you already have but it’s looking a little dingy, just remove and make it shine again with steel wool
  • Before you purchase new handles, measure the distance between the screw holes on the cabinet handles and the supports on the towel bar. Make sure that you buy new hardware that will match those distances.

Don’t forget to opt for bathroom ideas that show your personality. Fill your space with family photos and art that represents your passions..