It’s a wrap

Clever gift wrapping ideas to make your Christmas presents look fabulous under the tree.

You don’t have to spend a fortune getting gifts wrapped for you in the shops – just try these great little touches to make your presents look  more special.

Wrapping paper
Pick a theme for your gift wrap and stick to it for great looking impact: different papers all in patterns and shades of red, lots of rolls of the same frosty blue or shimmering green, or simple brown paper but with stunning finishing touches (see below).

Personalised gift tags
If you’re not going to be with the friends or family when they open their gifts, the gift tag can say much more than just who a Christmas present is to and from. Make your own gift tags by printing off family photos and sticking these onto homemade tags. Or have fun cutting out celeb photos from magazines and sticking these onto tags, eg a photo of Daniel Craig with ‘for a special lady’ as the caption on a tag for mum, or Paris Hilton with the message ‘keeping it glam’ for your sister…

Finishing touches
Picture-perfect bows are a lot trickier than they might look. Instead, make little paper flowers to stick on the corner of parcels. Or look in children’s craft shops, like Early Learning Centre, for bags of colourful beads or bells that you can thread onto the tie of the gift tag for added festive twinkle.

Wrapping awkward shapes
If something has lots of sides, wrap it in soft tissue paper then place it in a box (an old tissue box, for example). Then wrap the whole box. You can get the kids to paint the box or stick pretty winter pictures on it before wrapping it up. Or, if the present is long and round, roll it up in two layers of tissue paper, sealing the edges then gently twisting each end so it looks like a Christmas cracker.