Guest room ideas and making your home welcoming

It’s not just about making the beds! Here’s how to create a special welcome when family or friends are coming to stay.

Most of the time, your spare room might be used to store your clutter, but you don’t want your guests feeling like they’re sleeping in a junk shop. Instead, follow these easy steps to create simple chic in the spare room with these guest room ideas and supplies…

1. Move out boxes and old stored items to create a sense of space. Place a single flower bloom in a sleek glass vase and add a selection of books or music suited to your guests' tastes.

2. Place scented candles or a fragrance diffuser in the room, but make sure it’s a light scent like cedar rather than something too heady like vanilla.

3. Even clean bedding can get a little dusty when it’s been on a spare bed for too long. Make sure bed linen is freshly washed.

4. Leave a bottle of spring water and glasses in the room. Put out jars of snacks or a bowl of fruit, so guests can have something to nibble without the mess of empty packets.

5. Make sure there’s enough wardrobe and drawer space, and a full-length mirror, along with a box of tissues.

6. For visitors during the coldest months, put out extra blankets at the foot of the bed, in case guests need them.

7. If the bathroom is shared, clear space for guests' toiletries and put out towels, freshly washed with a fabric conditioner to add a gorgeous clean aroma.

8. Encourage guests to feel at home by making sure there’s always a pot of coffee on the go or a jug of juice in the door of the fridge. Homemade infused water is a lovely alternative, and very on-trend.

9. Make sure guests know where breakfast items are (easy things like cereals and croissants). Even if you plan a big brunch cook-up together, it’s good to have something guests can make themselves if they wake earlier than you.

10. Give the lounge a good old tidy round. Clear away magazines and clothes so guests have a choice of places to sit down, and consider reorganising the room so armchairs aren’t all facing the TV. After all, your guests have come to see YOU!

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