The all-you-can-eat windowsill

Grow lettuce, cucumber and herbs on your kitchen sill – instant cheats for non-gardeners. Save money by gardening your own herbs and salads!

Many of us don’t have the garden space or the time to cultivate an impressive vegetable patch, but that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the joy (or taste) of grow-your-own.

We asked foodie-gardeners who are short on space but big on ideas to give us some easy ideas anyone could try.

Windowsill salad, Katy Morland
‘I filled an old metal trough with baby lettuce, parsley and nasturtiums from the garden centre, with plenty of container compost and growing space between the plants. I’m a total novice, but now I can pick fresh salad and herbs through my kitchen window.’ Instant summer salad garden, £36.99,

A hanging basket you can eat, Fizz Struthers
‘Every summer I plant up an edible hanging basket by the back door. This year I have pretty purple-edged lettuce, ruby chard and tumbler tomatoes. The kids love it, and it’s got them into salad for their lunchboxes.’

Pots of fruit, Emma Roy
‘I have three terracotta pots planted with different varieties of strawberries. My strawberries didn’t grow well in a strawberry planter, so I use it for herbs now.’ Strawberry patio planting sacks, £14.94 for 2,

The instant veg box, Nick Whelan
‘I cheated and got an edible window box starter kit online. You start out with baby veg plant plugs, and I put them in five wide pots around our window sills. Now I’ve got peppers, mangetout, sweet cherry tomatoes… and a cucumber threatening to take over the windowsill in our conservatory. Our three boys have never been so interested in vegetables.’ Window box collection, £29.99,, includes a variety of vegetable plugs, ready to plant.